CO.ME.TA. is a leading company in the manufacturing sector of sewing machines for shoes, leather goods and garments industry. Thanks to its experience in over 40 years of activity, CO.ME.TA. is always looking for new solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of a continuously evolving market. Over time we have managed to achieve a high standard of technology and quality, through which we can fulfil even the most particular customers ’requests, also thanks to our young and qualified team. CO.ME.TA. sewing machines are highly reliable, easy to be used and require very little maintenance: features that have made CO.ME.TA. a benchmark for leather goods industry throughout the world scene.

Creative Solution

CO.ME.TA. transforms the technology already on the market improving it and, above all, fitting it to the current needs of the market and of the new processing of fashion evolution. Mastery of advanced technologies, combined with the cooperation with leading engineering staff, enable the Company to design and create prototypes which meet even the most complex requests of customers, offering them also a technical training service both in Italy and abroad.

The patents CO.ME.TA. can proudly claim are the result of many original ideas, of a long experience and of a deep technical competence.